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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Senmuth - Ankhiteru

Sounding The Setting Sun.

Senmuth's release for May is this ambient exploration. Once again, using more of an ethno-ambient sound for this release shows where Senmuth's head is at right now. This is possibly one of his most ethnic sounding records yet.
The opening of the album sets the mood for everything that follows. Восхваление Нила II uses sitars, flutes, and soft percussion throughout and really creates a very deserted feeling within the music. The music is much softer in the overall feel of everything being played, allowing for a lot of space to breathe within the music. The feeling of an approaching night after a long day is really how the mood is presented, to me at least, on this record, which is almost relaxing. This record really fits the mood for summer.
This is not the most overly ambient soundscapes that Senmuth's has presented on some of his other material that contained lush instrumentation and multiple melodies falling over each other, the sounds on here are very minimalistic in comparison, but have a lot more atmosphere behind the melodies. While the ambiances are in the back, the main instrumentation is able to provide melodies that are easily digestible.
Like with all other releases that are in the more ambient vein of work, this album to becomes heavier in later tracks. A song like Гробница чисел Хафраанха begins to incorporate a more industrial sound with heavy, mechanical riffs, avoiding most of the calmer ambient pacing of earlier tracks. While other tracks are not nearly as heavy after this one, they do begin to lean more to the industrial side of his sound, which is not nearly as easy listening.
Overall, this is a decent release that sounds like a great ambient record for summer. Definitely a record that is filled with sounds that actually manage to encompass an Egyptian setting sun picture. If you're into Senmuth's work, or want a record that you can put on while watching a sunset, this is for you.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Восхваление Нила II, Rostau Osirion Tomb, Штормовая Стела

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