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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Petrychor - Dryad EP

The Wilderness Discovered.

Petrychor is the solo project from California musician Tad Piecka. This project explores the realms of ambient black metal with touches of folk and almost country at times. This is his first release under this project as well.
This project was started to document the practices and acts of people and nature that society does not condone in their industrialized world of today. Through the use of both extremely aggressive black metal, open ambient soundscapes, and natural sounding folk, the picture of modern man destroying the nature around us is clearly painted. This is surely not what every fan of extreme metal likes in their music, a message, but none the less is becoming on the rise due to bands like Wolves In The Throne Room and Drudkh using natural soundscapes and lyrics to not really present a clear message, but showcase the beauty of nature itself.
This EP is really considered a demo for an upcoming full-length album, and is somewhat better understood within the production of the music. Fans of raw will find no problem with this, but the extreme side of the project contains a rather muddy sound with a drum machine that is being used in tempos that consist of mainly blast-beats, within the title-track, Dryad (I Make My Home). Having said that, the guitars, while muddy when distorted, do manage some great solos, and when used acoustically are absolutely breath-taking, hear ...Of Salt and Sky. The vocals on here, when they are used, are rather far back in the mix, and often ignorable if you don't really care for them.
Overall, this is a strong sounding demo for what should be an even better debut. When a band, or project, comes off this strong on their first recording it almost guarantees that they are both passionate about the music and that they are actually open to integrating different things into their sound. If you like black metal that, while is not the best produced, is strong and contains good playing, this is something you should definitely check out.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Dryad (I Make My Home)

Here Is A Link Where You Can Download His Album:

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