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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vagrant Starscape - Halcyon

It's So Dark Down Here.

Vagrant Starscape is an ambient project from Florida. This is the side project of Matron Thorn of Benighted In Sodom and explores more modern ambiance and electronic music. This is the first release from this project as well.
As one might expect from ambient music, it is very meditative and textural in nature, this album is no different. Layers of lush noise and synthe provide the melodies or the real sort of attention grabber on the album, but unlike a lot of ambient music, or at least that I'm aware of, there is plenty of percussion on here. The tracks also manage to flow very well into each other, making this all feel like one piece of music rather than several tracks of it.
Despite being ambient music, this is more entertaining than the genre usually lends itself to be. Unlike the artists that I'm aware of in that scene, the overall sound of everything is much louder, while still retaining a very subtle vibe to itself, and allows itself to be heard a lot clearer. The louder production could possibly make this a bit more access able to the average listener due to not having to sift through quiet sounds that are much harder to distinguish.
For anyone wondering about the percussion mentioned above, that does not mean that there will be anything similar in style to the more black metal styled Benighted In Sodom. The drums on here are programmed, but maintain a real tone, if not real, no electronic beats is essentially what I'm getting at here. As well, bass and guitar are used as well on here as well, probably at their most notable would be on a track like Lyra.
Overall, this is a decent release and one that I did not fully intend on enjoying all that much, but it surprised me. From what I've actually listened to in the ambient genre, actual ambient anyway, this is got to be one of the best. If you're into Thorn's work with BIS, or you're into experimental ambient music, check this out.
Overall Score: 7.5
Highlights: Halo, Android

You Can Download This For Free Here:

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