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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Njiqahdda - ...And One By One Crept Silently to Rest EP (2011)

Band: Njiqahdda
Country: Illinois
Style: Progressive Black Metal
Label: EEE Recordings

This one's been coming for a little while, or at least since I found out about it. Though it's been a little while coming, from posting issues if I understood correctly, it should definitely be worth it. I have very little info coming into this besides a vague sound description by the band, but let's just say I was excited for this.
Instead of moving into the more melodic and symphonic further, the duo known as Njiqahdda decided to continue on the path explored on their most recent full-length, "The Path of Liberation From Life and Death." If you're unfamiliar with that, this record would prove as a good catch up for you, cause it treads similar lines that that record crossed, technical guitar work, abstract patterns, and constantly shifting atmospheres. Having said that, this little EP demonstrates the duo including something new into their sound as well. Both in the title-track, ...And One By One Crept Silently to Rest, and Agni, you have the band making use of more industrial elements as well as the occasional vocoder vocal effect as well. If you thought a technical album was a tough listen, this one may prove even harder, despite being much shorter.
This probably isn't my favorite release from the band, if only because it is just a snapshot compared to even previous EPs, I still see this as a step forward. Both tracks on here definitely show the duo expanding their sound even further and pushing themselves into newer realms that, at least I hope, they explore in the future. Definitely check this EP out, as well as their last full-length, to really appreciate this band's more progressive side.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: ...And One By One Crept Silently to Rest

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