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Monday, April 11, 2011

Parasytic - Poison Minds (2011)

Band: Parasytic
Country: Richmond, Virginia
Style: Crust/Thrash Metal
Label: Vex Records

By now I think it should be pretty apparent, to those that follow this blog anyway, that I'm not a big thrash guy. I like a good dose of grind, punk, and crust, but very few thrash bands, especially newer groups, grab me. What made me want to check this out is it's relation to the crust scene, in addition to the group featuring members from Alabama Thunderpussy, Cannabis Corpse, and Morne.
I love a good punch in the face with an album opener, when it comes to groups like this, it just gets the blood pumping, and Ire of War really does that. This opener really channels everything I love about thrash into a compact three minute track, you have a crusty guitar tone, melodic guitar breaks, and throat-grinding vocals that all just shred. The tone of that opener really continues through the rest of the album, with the band rarely slowing down. I'm mean, most of this does combine the essence of thrash, crust punk, and early death metal, Traitor being a good example of the nice mix.
Something I feel a lot of thrash groups got caught up in was good songwriting, which I believe is important, but along the way, they lost that sense of youth or energy that really just made thrash fun to listen to. There's just an overall sense of up-beat energy on here that genuinely makes me think that these guys just have a blast when they play these songs live, just hear a track like Egregious Blunder. This is the vibe I love to get from metal, just a total let everything loose, no holds barred sort of vibe, where the crusty sound and punk aesthetic just shine through, and I know I've said this before.
Overall, this is just a record to put on to have a good time, it's not great, but it gets the blood pumping. Like I mentioned above, not a big thrash guy, but this certainly had a lot of good moments that I like in thrash. If you like old-school thrash metal or crust punk, definitely check this record out.
Overall Score: 7.5
Highlights: Feast of Fools, Traitor, Aspects of man

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