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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rotten Sound - Cursed (2011)

Band: Rotten Sound
Country: Vaasa, Finland
Style: Grindcore
Label: Relapse Records

In recent memory, there haven't been as many grindcore groups that have made a name for themselves or created as loyal a fanbase as Rotten Sound. I don't think anyone would say that these guys ever stood out as being the most original grindcore group, as much as their style just mixed all the right ingredients together. This is the quartet's sixth full-length album following up last years "Napalm" EP and 2008's critically acclaimed "Cycles."
When it comes to modern grindcore, Rotten Sound has always been one of my personal favorites, with their no bullshit style of playing. Brutal and fast, I've always felt that these guys were truly able to carry on the spirit of old-school crust punk and grindcore, maintaining a very raw and passionate sound. The band never sound contrived, making songs that never overstay their welcome and always leaving you wanting more once their done. Even during the slower songs, where a more sludge metal sound emerges, the intensity never leaves, hear Choose. A new element I hear on this album is the occasional black metal sounding riff, hear Ritual, where the band definitely bring out their more atmospheric side.
But essentially, this record is a grindcore based one, and the band do stick to that sound for most of it. Tracks like Green or Power don't really deviate from a straightforward grinding assault format. The sixteen songs on here don't even add up to total over half an hour, so there's a lot more grind than experimental moments, not that I'm complaining. There are plenty of memorable breakdowns, vocal lines, or guitar lines that stick out to make this a pleasurable experience.
Overall, I'd say that this album is definitely successful at providing a really good grindcore experience. This album may not be the experimental album some might want to hear, but it should still provide a more than good listen. If you like grindcore, check this out.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Superior, Machinery, Plan, Terrified

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