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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Destroy Judas - Wake (2011)

Band: Destroy Judas
Country: Long Beach, California
Style: Sludge/Doom Metal
Label: Independent

It was only recently that I stumbled across this group when looking through another blog that I it really struck me. As I hold this one blog in a particularly high regard, I decided to check this out, not really thinking much of it. Upon hearing a little bit from their bandcamp page, I was impressed.
This album is sludge/doom, no mistake about that, but the manner in which it's played has a very melodic and almost post-metal sort of vibe to it. Of course this never reaches the sort of textured ambient nature some post-metal groups, even though there's plenty of more atmospheric and melodies ideas that seem to flow in that recall a bit of that genre. In fact, I was actually surprised as to how catchy some of these melodies were, hear the opening title-track, Wake. There's also the epic builds and falls that reminisce of the whole "post" scene, but for some reason, this has more in common this has much more in common with mid period Neurosis than any other post sounding groups.
I actually the vocalist on here to sound very original, in comparison to the legions of other vocalists in doom/sludge/post groups that all sound the same, he has a nice low and gruff bellow and howl while his growl is clear and raspy. During the softer and more mellow sections on here, you even get a bit of singing, something that really sounded right to me. Even though this band does feature members from groups like Phobia, Dead America, and others, there's a real uniqueness to this album, and band, that I haven't heard from doom in a long time, even though there are some moments that really get me thinking of Neurosis, hear the closer Drown.
Overall, I was surprised by how diverse and impressive sounding this album was, it was really good. I'm also a bit taken aback now knowing that these guys are still very underground, and not really known about all that much. If you like heavy, atmospheric doom metal, definitely check this album out.
Overall Score: 9
Highlights: Wake, Seek The End

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  1. It also has members from Eyes of Fire/Mindrot, and The angles Whispered Danger. All great bands.