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Friday, July 8, 2011

Swamp Horse - Winter Ghost EP (2011)

Band: Swamp Horse
Country: Kentucky
Style: Dark Ambient
Label: Handmade Birds Records

Droning noise, dark ambient, what's going on with this site, some of you may be asking with the shift in reviews. I am aware that most people that read this site, often, may listen to a lot more metal, I'm assuming, than some of this more arty, or in this case, avant-garde stuff, but I think it's well worth hearing. As with all good things, change is inevitable, so I have to give this tape it's fair shot.
This release runs the gambit, as it is certainly a droning noise album, but it's not abusive or aggressive, it sounds more restrained. Elements of drone, elements of ambient, elements of noise can all be found in here, but also sounds that I find are more in common with post-rock and black metal. Unlike a lot of blackened noise artists, some of whom I've mentioned before, this album, because I haven't heard the duo's previous material, doesn't take black metal and add noise and all these other elements, it's more like noise/drone/ambient are the foundation and an almost black metal atmosphere is being integrated into it. While sideA is firmly rooted in noise, sideB is much more focused on the ambient side of their sound, though both sides share common traits with each other, they do provide an interesting dichotomy.
All in all, this was an enjoyable release, not great, but by no means a bad album. It's very odd in the sense that one half makes, me at least, very tense, while the other is almost relaxing. Definitely a nice album, recommended for anyone that likes more avant-garde music.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Winter Ghost (B)

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