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Friday, May 27, 2011

Benighted In Sodom - Reverse Baptism (2011)

Band: Benighted In Sodom
Country: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Style: Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal
Label: BadMoodMan

Matron Thorn is a man who has quite a knack for writing and creating some cool music. Since it's inception back in 2004, BIS has released several albums, all moving into a more original style. Since this album's release, Thorn has already released another full-length, "A Resplendent Starless Darkness," which I plan on reviewing some time next month.
Slowly, with each release, Thorn has been moving into a more post-black metal sound and away from the depressive/atmospheric sounds of his past. This album, along with the "Fort Lauderdale" album show some of his best explorations into that sound yet. Influences from gothic and darkwave music both appear quite frequently on here, along with the black metal sounds of course, but the atmosphere is quite different to that of almost any other band I've heard, especially within metal. I think it has to be said that this album is best heard at night, it's mood is perfect for a rainy night with darkened skies. A lot of these songs are done at a more mid-paced to slower tempo which really helps create a mood. For me, the most emotional moment on this album occurs on track three, Try to Forget Us, which shows a large amount of a gothic music influence, making use of more electronic elements and harmonized baritone vocals.
Most of these songs are really melancholic and depressing, as it stands, his attachment to that depressive scene is much more minimal than ever before, with songs on here showing a much more progressive edge to them. The two part Ocean show that the best on here, easily being the most adventurous in their structures. While most of these songs are far from being structured like a pop song, all of them do make use of a singular riff that is quite memorable and is used as sort of the focal point of a song. While the mood on here seems to be more of an attention grabber, for me anyway, rather than the riffs, I'd still say that the overall songs never give way to pure dark ambient or gothic metal.
So I guess the big question is, did I enjoy this? Well, yes and no, the songs themselves aren't bad, not at all, but I've already heard, and reviewed the two longest tracks on the album when they were released on the "Ocean EP," but the newer songs are all very well done as well. I'd definitely say this is a step up in the right direction for Matron Thorn. Check this out if you're into experimental black metal, and I'll leave it at that.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Sweetness Deprived, Try to Forget Us, Ocean II

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