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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Salamandra Eccentric - Human Beast

Someone's Been Looking Outside.

Salamandra Eccentric is a mathcore/black metal project from Russia. There is little information about this project and it's sole member, but this is the project's debut album. I actually found this album and kind of decided to check it out on a whim, no information known.
This album is totally bizarre sounding, it sounds so dissonant and odd. It's a very cold sounding album without warmth, very mechanical and robotic at times, which really didn't click with me. When it comes to black metal, I like there to be something "real" about it, but this felt like a machine was playing black metal and trying to make it sound technical. I didn't feel that this was progressive or technical cause the song called for it, but merely to show off, which didn't really sit well with me.
A lot of this record is just too machine-like for my personal tastes to get into, there isn't a strong enough sense of catchiness or memorability in here to make me want to return to most of these songs. Tracks like About Nightmare or are just too disharmonic and dissonant to make me think that there's any sort of idea to make this memorable at all. There are songs on here that do work better than others however; listening to tracks like Pulse or Handel Suite In D, there is a more prominent use of melody which really enhances the song's memorability.
There's also some stuff on here that I just didn't understand at all. The track For Short..., featured weird semi-melodic instrumental work, not too different from most of the album, but there was a really out of place operatic female voice on top of it that just made it sound god awful. The aforementioned Handel Suite In D is exactly what the title says it is, which turned out to be one of the most straightforward tracks on this album. I realize that at this point I'm kind of chasing my tail with this review, but I just can't get into it.
Overall, I just wasn't really digging this album at all, I honestly expected better from the tag I read. There just wasn't enough on here to make me want to actually listen to this again, it didn't make me feel good at all. If you like really dissonant or weird music, check this out, but otherwise avoid.
Overall Score: 4
Highlights: Pulse, Memory, Kill The Hero

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