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Friday, December 10, 2010

Interview - Glorior Belli/11 As In Adversaries' J.

Coming out with one of the most left-field releases this year, J. and G. of Glorior Belli defieded their black metal roots and fans by releasing the debut album "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light" from their new band 11 As In Adversaries. I was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with J. about both bands and some of his ideals recently, here is that interview.

Ian: Probably the most obvious first question, how did Glorior Belli first form?

J: Glorior Belli swamped out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris in December 2002 as a vehement duo comprises of Infestvvs and Antares (Drums). “Glorior Belli” is Latin for “to bask in pride at times of war” and obviously there is a deeper meaning behind, it’s merely a leitmotiv that reminds us how important it is to always challenge and mock the cosmic scheme as well as it is a doctrine for self-betterment. For this is what a tenebrous path really essentially is all about, to develop/manifest one’s attraction for the Dark path and transcend it into a liberating Illumination.

Ian: When you first started Glorior Belli what were your original intentions, how do those differ from what they are now?

J: Our intentions are still the same, we are motivated by a fierce desire to emphasize the direst Gnosis and perform ritualistic music so vehement that it actually pierces through the veil of Demiurgic illusions. Glorior Belli is a clandestine spark that disturbs the cosmic plan, the initiator of the Black Flame through the trumpet of Lucifer; inspiring gnosis for all those who are worthy so that they too may injure Yahweh's prerogative. In times of confusion and proliferation of false prophets, Glorior Belli is a shining beacon that only vibrates with Truth.
Ian: Glorior Belli has been labeled everything from orthodox black metal to post-black metal to avant-garde metal to progressive metal, how would you label it?

J: I fail to see the point of giving labels to a band that obviously is way beyond this compulsive classification disorder but I guess the best way to describe Glorior Belli’s essence would be : A mix of Blues and Southern-Rock textures with the brutal, ominous vibe typical of Black Metal.

Ian: I know Glorior Belli has experienced quite a bit of line-up trouble, leaving only you and G. as full-time members. Has this at any point caused you any sort of stress or trouble and how do you think that contributed to the outcome of records like Meet Us At The Southern Sign or The Full Intrepid Experience of Light?

J: I like doing things on my own when I’m in studio and since I’m the only one who gets to compose in Glorior Belli, having too many people involved would be just a waste of time and a bit pointless really. But things are about to change as we recently recruited 2 new members to complete the lineup. The current shape of Glorior Belli is somewhat 'remarkable' so to speak, with Alex (The One, Macabre Omen, Scythian...) handling bass duties and EsX (Vorkreist, ex-Merrimack…) for the guitar duties. I wish them both a long ride with the band and now it’s time for all of us to take things to the next level!

Ian: Your lyrical content revolves around Luciferianism and occultism, could you divulge into what interests you about these topics? Maybe go into detail about one of my favorite tracks Swamp That Shame?

J: The sample you can hear on Swamp That Shame is taken from Aleister Crowley’s « The Poet », in reference to the significance of the Gnosis of Lucifer as he is doomed not to be understood and that echoes to the title of the track. By nature our art is controversial and dangerous. It consumes the bars of the cosmic jail and is annunciating troubles for the divine masquerade. The music we forge is attuned with the wisdom we dispense and therefore suffers from no limitations at all. We want to deliver the secrets of the Dark Arts to our most faithful disciples so that they too might be able to forge the weapons of their own liberation!

Ian: Personally, I found "Meet Us At The Southern Sign" to be one of the best and most original sounding records of 2008, did you go into recording that record any differently than the previous two full-lengths?

J: Our second full-length “Manifesting...” was already more Rock-oriented than the first album but with “Meet Us” not only we managed to change the pre-conceived notions about the band itself but also we conjured up the perfect blend of gloom-inducing Black Metal with Blues and Stoner vibes. The recording process was exactly the same as before, conducted with dedication, spontaneity and fierceness!

Ian: How has playing live treated you, I know you are going to be playing with The One, Horned Almighty, and Absentia Lunae next year?

J: Playing live has never been easy for us because of the lineup issues and logistic matters. Honestly I can’t say we’ve been able to deliver a satisfying performance so far, except only recently with the new lineup. Be certain though that 2011 will be ours as there is no place for

Ian: What can fans expect from the split with Creeping, and how did that split come about?

J: I’ve been in touch with Marco for a few years now. Creeping is a devastating trio from New-Zealand playing Black Metal mixed with Sludge and it sounds fucking awesome! I can’t imagine a fan of Glorior Belli who wouldn’t like this band. They need to get over here and tour with us or even without us but at least I’m going to do my best with this split to put them under the spot lights. It’s a shame people only get interested in Fenriz’s band of the week ‘because these guys really deserve some attention. They got a new record ready to be released and are currently looking for a label, so spread the word!

Ian: What is the status of Obscurus Advocam? Can we expect another record any time soon?

J: Obscurus Advocam was at first a one man band but then became soon enough a duo (then a trio). My best friend being away now I can’t imagine doing this without him so we decided to put this project on hold, even consider it split up. I’m not excluding entirely the idea of getting back to it someday but it has to be with the both of us getting involved or nothing.

Ian: Now onto 11 As In Adversaries. How did you come up with that name and how does it link towards the music?

J: The meaning of our name lies within a numerological context where ‘ELEVEN’ stands for what is beyond ‘TEN’, numbers from 1 to 10 are representative of the law/order and cosmic completion. 11 is a manifestation of freedom and rebellion for its magick can bring one to defy the limitations imposed by the Demiurge. There are actually eleven letters in the word ‘adversaries’, so: 11 As In A D V E R S A R I E S. Both concepts ‘11’ and ‘Aversaries’ share the same essence of rebellion and darkness.

Ian: What does The Full Intrepid Experience of Light mean to you, is it just another record or is it something more meaningful? What does the name actually mean as well?

J: ‘The Full Intrepid Experience’ of Light combines dark and moody rock with the most avant-garde ends of extreme metal. Utterly twisted yet surprisingly melodic, it really has it all: Jazz, Blues, Noise, Metal, Punk and Progressive elements surface throughout the album. Addictive themes of Illumination and Chaos punctuate the concept and sometimes contrast with the general melodic approach, making this record just disturbing enough to actually haunt your soul! This is an honest and liberating experience for the sake of Truth, exploring the very essence of Light defined by the Demiurge's most virulent adversary!

Ian: "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light" was originally supposed to be the fourth Glorior Belli full-length, what made you change it into a side project? Was there any apprehension about a negative reaction from the fans?

J: Yes, at first the record was supposed to be the fourth Glorior Belli full-length but we decided otherwise and created a separate entity in order to emphasize the exception of ‘The Full Intrepid Experience of Light’. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the creation of this project, we consider ‘11 As In Adversaries’ as a totally independent entity that follows its own path with determination. We want to make that clear for everyone: It’s not a dead-end side project but a fierce animal surging out of Darkness and ready to devour the cosmic scheme. It wasn’t about the fans reactions and believe me, the new Glorior Belli record is going to make a lot of fuss as well!

Ian: The album is filled with a lot more variation and influences, I was surprised to hear clean singing. Would you ever include more of these elements into Glorior Belli?

J: I did some “punk” screams and a tiny bit of clean vocals on the latest Glorior Belli record and it turned out great so there’s no reason we keep on experimenting things as long as we respect the conductive line I have in mind. I want to be able to explore all the aspects of the mix of Blues and Black Metal because we are the fucking godfathers of this shit and no one will ever do this the way we do.

Ian: How do your lyrics differ in 11 As In Adversaries compared to Glorior Belli or Obscurus Advocam?

J: They simply DON’T! I can’t speak of anything else than Dark Gnosticism.

Ian: How did Niklas Kvarforth come into play on the album?

J: I’ve always admired Shining for how they dare to explore different musical and spiritual territories, just like we are. I’ve been keeping in touch with Niklas for a while and the point was to collaborate together as two individuals fighting against limitations. It wasn’t a desperate attempt to try to gain a couple of fans out of it and each time I listen to the song just proves me I made the right call.

Ian: Can we expect to see more records from 11 As In Adversaries in the future and can we ever expect you to play live with the project?

J: Yes to both questions. We did sign a deal for two records with A.T.M.F. so the next one will probably follow in a few years depending on how busy we get with our respective main projects; We have recruited some members to help us manifest our dark essence on stage, so even though there is no obligations of playing live we really don’t exclude that possibility when the right occasion will present itself.

Ian: You've mentioned that you are going to start recording the new Glorior Belli record soon, what can fans expect from that?

J: Well, I could tell you but I’d rather keep the surprise effect intact.

Ian: I guess that's all, thank you for your hospitality, the last words are yours.

J: Thanks for your support - Bring down the cosmic scheme!
I'd like to thank J. for his cooperation and participation with me. "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light" is definitely one of the most bizarre releases to come out this year. If you haven't checked it or Glorior Belli out, you're missing out.


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