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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Surachai - To No Available EP (2011)

Band: Surachai
Country: London, UK
Style: Industrial/Black Metal
Label: Handshake Inc.

It feels so weird to find an album that you think is a debut from a group and then finding out it's not. When I was first notified of this record, I was quite interested in it because it was sounded like something I enjoyed. Upon actually looking up the band to add it to my list for this year, of stuff I've reviewed in case you were wondering, I had a face-palm moment when I found out it was not the first release from the band.
After an introductory industrial noise bit, this EP just takes off in the way that made me extremely excited when I first heard it. When this thing goes full-on black metal it channels the best parts of groups like Krallice and Liturgy. It's that full-throttle, extended periods of tremolo picking pattens, and pulsating drums that make me enjoy those bands and what led me to enjoying this album. I don't even have a big problem with the more industrial and ambient bits that are included in these songs either, I guess my real problem with it is that it doesn't feel as fresh as when I thought it was a debut release, which is all a mental state that I have to get over because I did enjoy this. The occasional break into a more drone-ish part on the second track was also cool. I do have to admit however, that at times, some of the shifts, musically, were less than stellar, like the drone ambient section that suddenly just goes into a full-on black metal part did feel a bit abrupt for me.
Like I just said, it's a good record and I enjoyed it very much. Some of the ideas aren't too original, but their ideas that I like and find interesting no matter where I hear them. Check it out if you want to hear some experimental black metal, I think you'll enjoy this.
Overall Score: 7.5
Highlights: •

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