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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deely - Unframed (2011)

Band: Deely
Country: Cracow, Poland
Style: Djent/Tech Metal
Label: Independent

I reviewed Deely's debut EP earlier last year and found it to be a solid debut, but not without it's flaws. This is Deely's debut full-length album and really expands on the sound on the EP. With mainman Tomasz Huczek really bringing in a lot more variety to this album to really broaden the overall sound from getting dull.
Probably the biggest complaint I had about the EP was that the four songs on there really cling ed too much on the djent sound of the 8-string guitar and didn't really try to do anything different than what was already being done. This new album definitely incorporates a much more unique sound, bringing in a a more proggy sound with the use of electronics and acoustic/clean guitars. While the heavy 8-string chug is still being utilized on here, there's a bigger presence of progressive and melodic influences coming through, hear a track like Against The Light. For those that still long for a heavier, more groove oriented sound, tracks like Tilted Forward should give you your desired fix of djenty tech metal.
Besides the more experimental nature of this record, I found that the songwriting has also been improved upon with tracks remaining with me after listening to the entire album. This album doesn't go into realms that are too technical, nor too simplistic, it strikes a good balance between groovy math metal low-end chugging with more melodic sounding riffs, hear a track like Obscure Pulse. The experimentation with more electronic elements really brought a different sound to this album that wasn't there on the EP. This album also doesn't suffer the problem of being too long, with only eight tracks on here, the entire album clocks in at around thirty-five minutes.
Overall, this is a really solid full-length album of instrumental tech metal. This is definitely an improvement, to me anyway, on the sound he got on his EP. Definitely check this out if you are into groovy prog metal, or djent.
Overall Score: 8.5
Highlights: Against The Light, Ascending, Obscure Pulse

Here's the link where you can download this for free (at least I assume it's still free):

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