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Sunday, January 10, 2010

D Creation - Silence Echoes

You can hear it if you listen.

This band really wants a unique sound. Sometimes that sound stands out, sometimes it is overshadowed by their influences, which can be easily traced to bands like Meshuggah, Soilwork, and Dream Theater. But saying that these influences lead them to a crossroads between Gothic Metal, Prog Metal, and Melo-Death. Those big choruses are infectious and catchy but could easily improved upon. Little symphonic and piano passages show that DT influence, but it's not really a bad thing because it adds a little bit of a unique flair to this band. The Meshuggah influence is present in some songs, but is not as prominent as a lot of other bands make it. The beginning of the opener Asleep shows it but it is mearly a small part of an overall good album.
One of the few band things on this album are these cheesy lyrics, which are not all that clever.
"I will take you with me.
I will rape your soul.
Beating, hating, killing.
I will rape you whole." - Killdream
Although showing a sense of rhythmic timing, it is not that cleverly written down.
Through his lyrics are not the best, vocalist Olli Vuorinen is very expressive in his choices for cleans and grunts/screams. Way Past Out is definitely on of the best songs that shows his range as a vocalist. While Redemption shows his clean singing as an actual SINGER in a metal band in recent years. Especially in a more Melo/Prog/Death metal band. The instrumentation is fairly competently shown through songs like Asleep or Redemption show complementary guitar harmonies and solos by Jan Jokinen and Timo Huttunen. A song like Somewhere shows more prominence of keys player, Heidi Hakoinen. The rhythm work is solid but the bass could be more prominent in the mix.
Melody is a strong point in this band with songs like Paradise Sweet and Killdream, but it is on songs like Drifting Forever and S' Enough where D Creation's more deathy side shows. Reject Humanity's bridge shows that Meshuggah influence while never losing that melody.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Asleep, Fadeaway, Dreaming Forever, Redemption, Paradise Sweet, Reject Humanity

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