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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Classic Series Update

Sorry to have been away.
This post is just to inform those who read this blog of the rules regarding the new Classic series of reviews that will be posted on this site.
The Classic series is a series of albums that, I consider, to be classics. This series will go off and on. Below are the rules that I will abide myself on posting these albums as "classics."

- The album must sound unique compared to everything else that is out there in the music scene right now.
- The album must have artwork that suits the music. (Ridiculous, but I feel artwork is important)
- The album must encompass a musical moment in history.
- The album's lyrics must be unique compared to everything else.
- The album's sound must not have been bettered by another band of a similar style. (This does not mean the same genre, obviously there are bands in the same genre who have put out classic albums considered to be a certain style)

Thanks for your consiteration.

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