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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nutrition - Eye of The Anunnaki EP

Aliens Walk Among Us.

Nutrition is an industrial black metal project from Japan. The concept of the band was formed by vocalist/lyricist/visual designer Jeremy Mauney after he left his old band DetrituM. He contacted Roland La Goy for this project and they later began to collaborate.
The duo's focus on this EP, and every following release that is being released, is on aliens and extraterrestrial travels. This is manifested through a sound that blends black metal's aggression with cold industrial soundscapes and the occasional 70's keyboard part. Despite sounding rather desolate in writing, sonically, there are quite a lot of interesting features that these guys put together to make this a bit more vibrant and more alive in comparison to some other bands that achieve a more cold and mechanical sound.
The three tracks on here are all pretty varied in sound. The opening track, Vectors & Symbols, moves at a fairly fast pace for black metal, it's not blazing but it is fast, but the second track, the title-track, Eye of Anunnaki, sounds like something that could have come from Anaal Nathrakh, being performed at grindcore-like speed. The sound of the first track is also very varied as well, moving through different synthe effects and vocal effects that really spice up the track, the second is more progressive in a sense, not really using a lot of effects as much as just letting the track ebb and flow. Serpent Cult, the final track on here, doesn't really introduce anything new after the previous two tracks, but is still entertaining.
Overall, this is a really good EP that has a lot of diversity and a fresh take on black metal. While the sound isn't breaking a lot of new ground, it's really making the most out of the pieces used to make it. If you like experimental, progressive, or industrial black metal, check this out for sure. The full-length that comes out later this year should be good as well.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Vectors & Symbols, Eye of Anunnaki

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