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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fleshwrought - Dementia/Dyslexia

It's Death Metal, But Technical, Get It?

Fleshwrought is a technical death metal band that formed back in 2003. The band was originally formed by then Animosity drummer, Navene Kopperweis, who put the project on hold after his former band began to tour more. After the recent split of Animosity, Navene has begun writing and recording his own music, and later enlisted Job For A Cowboy vocalist Johnny Davy for vocals on this debut album.
After the split of Animosity, or around the same time, Navene managed to join recent prog-instrumentalists Animals As Leaders as their drummer. That should give some sort of idea as to the type of music style that is present on here. If you can take the proggy and highly technical playing of AAL and mix it with the brutal and frenzied nature of Animosity, that's pretty much what this album is.
When approaching this album, you have to first be aware of the fact that a lot of these songs are extremely fast paced and are kind of hard to latch onto anything. Riffs on here move quickly and are unmemorable for the most part simply due to the fact that they move to fast and it can be hard to really make one riff apart from the one that follows it apart. Having said that though, the soloing on here can ultimately end up providing you with the much needed melody that you might need within any given song. If you're not a solo kind of person, maybe you're into more of the groovy stop-start kind of riffs that also wedge themselves within certain sections of the songs on here.
However, this is proggy, or experimental if you're not a fan of the word, so besides just the wanky nature of the playing, there are a few odd, lets use experimental, moments on here as well. Within the second track, Inner Thoughts, a saxophone solo comes in near the track's end or the end of the following track, Weeping Hallucinations, where some sort of electronic/ambient part comes in the last minute of the track. Navene also dips into his now main band, Animals As Leaders, in the track Dyslexic Interlude.
In order to fit in with music that is constantly moving, Johnny Davy's vocal on this album is a lot more varied than in his main band. Vocals move from goregrind gurgles to deathcore high screams, but also feature his trademark growls as well. The patterns he creates on here might scare off those that are a bit sensitive to the pig squeal, it never comes in here, but it can occasionally come off similar in a few songs.
Overall, a decent release that has some great guitar playing and some fantastic soloing. Though the majority isn't that memorable, this is still enjoyable and fun. If you're a fan of this style of music, this is something you're gonna want to hear.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Weeping Hallucinations, Self-Destructive Loathing,

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