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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Csejthe - Transcendance EP

Above Modern Lo-Fi Recordings.

Csejthe are a melodic black metal band from Canada. This is their follow-up to their 2009 debut full-length, "La Mort Du Price Noir." This EP continues that path of melodic black metal, but is maybe a bit more accessible to traditional black metal fans.
I found this band completely by accident last year on some one's top albums list and expected them to be just another Canadian black metal band, I was pleasantly surprised to be mistaken. What I found was a band that actually had a lot of talent for writing melodic songs that had a few memorable riffs, nothing spectacular, but solid songs. I found that this album has a bit more atmosphere and is more cavernous than that first record was. Compared to the first record, this one is also less intense, and a bit slower in tempo as well.
Besides all of that, I still found the band to create interesting songs, maybe not as memorable, but a bit slower and shows that these guys do want to make themselves a bit more unique. The vocals manage to convey a bit more variety on here, using typical black metal raspy screams, but also some more depressive screams that are more, I guess you could term it this way, sad.
Tracks change a bit more often on here, it's not as consistent with intensity, but makes the song flow a bit more.
Overall, while it may not be as intense or as catchy as the debut, I still found this record really engaging and well worth listening to several times. If the band decide to further explore a slower and, at times, more depressive, side of black metal along with their more melodic sound, it should be quite interesting. For those that are into atmospheric black metal, or melodic black metal for that matter, check this out.
Overall Score: 7.5
Highlights: Dereliction, Transcendance

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