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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The End of The Line

After much thought and deliberation I have decided to end Don't Count On It Reviews. After doing this for close to five years at this point my energy, it seems, for it has just faded away. I'm sure everyone who runs a review site will tell you, there simply isn't enough time in a day to get to everything you want to, which certainly applies here. Last year I was left with somewhere around two hundred albums I didn't cover (regretfully) and it looks like it'll be upwards of around three hundred this year. I took some time earlier this year to try and recharge myself and when I finally did get to a point where I could review again I was supremely behind and haven't caught up yet and have wound up feeling even more drained because of it. I've run this blog by myself for all this time and while bringing on another writer or two has crossed my mind, I think I'm far too selfish to let go of this thing I started all those years back when absolutely no one read my reviews. My time has also become more and more precious as well, what with going to school (and changing majors) and trying to find a job while retaining time to actually listen to music in general, it's just become far too hard and tiring trying to keep up the pace I set early on with writing these things and it's come to a point where it feels more like work than simply having fun by talking about albums and bands I liked or felt interested in at the time.
I have to thank each and every one of the people who have come to this site and read and commented and enjoyed or gotten anything out of my reviews or interviews, but I simply can't maintain the pace I would like to in order to keep going with this blog (at least for now). I should also apologize to anyone who requested a review or that I promised a review to, as much as I would like to write something up for you, I feel it wouldn't only be disrespectful to write it at this time but a waste of anyone's time who read it. I would simply be writing a review for the sake of writing it, instead of for the music or myself and that would lead to the review being false and not worth even putting out in the first place. If I ever feel like I can continue doing this site again, I will, but as of right now I am letting this site go. If anyone will have me, I will write freelance for a while and do stuff for other sites, but as of right now I'm just going to take a bit of a break. Thank you to everyone that's supported me or this site over the years, you have truly touched me.

Maybe we'll meet again soon,


  1. love your blog , love reading your reviews. be well, take care.

  2. You've always been a huge inspiration, thanks for all the amazing recommendations.

  3. Your reviews and your musical insight will be missed. Take care.

  4. Together we stand, together we shall fall. Truly yours. Jolocho /x

  5. Thank you for all your work and for your open mind in musical tastes.
    Thank you for not writing your reviews from the heights of an "important" person.
    You always find nice things to write about the records you review, including those that you didn't like so much. That has been truly inspirating for me.

    In the last two years I always enjoyed reading your posts. Not only because they are interesting and well written, but mainly because of the kind person one can find among the lines.

    Thank you and good luck. I'll miss your blog.

  6. Take care, dude. Lot's of great albums I hold dear to my heart, today, I only knew because you showed them to me.

    I will be checking it once in a while to see if you have changed your mind =D

    Again, take care, and thank you.

  7. That moment when you find out about a amazing blog, and it just ended 5 days ago :(.

  8. Will be forever hoping for a comeback!

  9. I'm so sad.. Thanks to you, i discovered a lot of bands.. Who will be my inspiration now?
    Take Care, and thank you again. I'll do the same as Xenochrist, i'll check it once in while!

    I'll miss your blog, that's for sure.

  10. Hey it sucks to see you go but i agree with you and how you feel because i used to wite too and after a point of time you really have to move on and time forces you to focus on only the most important stuff.I went from being a writer/musician to a banker.
    Godspeed to you man,most honest reviews i'v read here and followed your reccomendations too.Goodluck from India

  11. Ahh really sad to hear that buddy, but I do understand. It can be so hard to maintain a site for no other reason than because you want to. Hope you enjoy your break. Take it easy!