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Saturday, August 31, 2013

All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature (2013)

Band: All Pigs Must Die
Country: Boston, Massachusetts
Style: Hardcore Punk/Metalcore
Label: Southern Lord

A couple of years back, All Pigs Must Die really impressed me with their first two releases. In terms of modern hardcore/metalcore(?) they are by far one of the most engaging and intense bands to emerge in years. Not only with their sonic, but their whole presentation of albums and their sound also impressed me which lead to immense anticipation for this album when I first heard about it.
Not as though it was a problem on either of the band's last two outings but, they did play with songs that were in the "typical" song length (4-ish minutes I guess is what I consider to be such a thing) and a few that were a little bit longer as well. Thing new album surprised me when I saw just how short it was. The band has opted for as little fat as possible on this new release, going for songs that are even more immediate and direct than I expected. While several of the songs are still around the four minute mark, they retain the more visceral intent that is heard on shorter pieces, like the opening pair Chaos Arise and Silencer. I hate to make this comparison because a lot of people will do it and I know the bands are quite different from each other, but the more visceral and chaotic tone that the majority of these songs take does remind one of Converge (in a good way). Obviously APMD takes a bit more of a metallic flair than I would say Converge does, utilizing several black metal sections throughout the album for some nice variety between the more hardcore punk d-beats and crusty riffs; and I hate to belittle the band by saying that they're like that because there's so much more here than I just described, but if it intrigues at least one person I won't feel like such a douche.
As I have always said on here, I prefer hardcore/metalcore/etc. genres to feel energetic than almost anything else. While originality is appreciated, I prefer genres like this to feel like the band is just pummeling me into the ground. I want to feel the passion from the musicians and I want to feel the aggression/anger/etc. when they play and feel that rush when I listen to it. Even when the band take their sound into a sludgier and/or slower direction, the same energy should come through. An added bonus would be if the entire album feels like a cohesive piece, and I'm not opposed to if it doesn't feature a song leading into another, but on here each song just comes in, one after another in a furry that is just intoxicating to hear. Once again, it's a rush to hear. A track like Bloodlines which features something a little different through the utilization of an acoustic guitar would sound, on paper or typed out, as though it would ruin the flow from track to track a bit, but it doesn't because the energy is maintained. I really admire the ability to make an acoustic guitar retain a sort of tension in between agressive passages, if only because it isn't done all that often, and is rarely done well. But there's also the more grinding tension during the slower sections, which is something I bring up a lot in relation to these sort of bands as well, but to reiterate once again, it works.
So yeah, nothing much more to say except that this is a fist pumping, rage inducing good time. This is exactly what I like from a "hardcore" record and while it's far from being innovative, it's exactly the sort of energetic boost I need when I put it on. Definitely do yourself a favor and look into this album if you dig crusty hardcore/metallic hardcore or you need an album to keep you awake.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Silencer, Of Suffering, Faith Eater

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