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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Novallo - Novallo EP (2012)

Band: Novallo
Country: Columbus, Ohio
Style: Industrial Metal/Tech Metal
Label: Independent

Obviously, as I've said in the past, djent is getting more and more over-saturated, and that remains true still. Every day, more and more bands are jumping on that train and trying to get some hype or exposure, even if they don't do anything interesting with it, but there are still some interesting groups popping up here and there. I happened to just stumble upon Novallo several days ago by coincidence, here's what I ended up getting as a result of pressing play.
If you hate djent, I have to strongly suggest that you do not listen to this release because those noise-gates are certainly on used to maximum effect on here. Those stop-start palm-mutes are quick and spastic and I could definitely see some people getting incredibly annoyed with this band because of it. Stylistically, they sort of remind me of Monuments in that they're rapidly bouncing between djenty grooves with quick melodic phrases with great efficiency, though there is definitely a much higher use of electronic effects on here. The reason why I wound up actually really enjoying this album was because of the vocals, they're definitely the stand out for me. Since four of the five guys in the band do vocals, I can't really tell you who's doing what (or if main vocalist Sam Gitiban is simply doing everything on here), but the vocal acrobatics are just great. There's a pretty wide range of styles being channeled on here, from standard death growls, Tides, post-hardcore singing and screaming, Visually Silent and 4 Eyes Win! respectively, or even straight-up soulful singing, Angle of Perception, and those are just the few that popped into my head while listening through a couple of times. I think that some of the choices sound a bit too digital, with some of the effects on the vocals not particularly working for me, but that's just a small gripe when I'm constantly being assaulted by different vocal styles from nearly every angle.
While I don't think each track is fantastic, I think there are some really great ideas on here that show a lot of potential. I do believe these guys could go far depending on where they decide to take their sound on future recordings. If you enjoy diverse songs that still come from the djent sound, I think you'll definitely dig this release.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Angle of Perception, Level Nine


  1. Your review is garbage. This band is sheer greatness. To be at this age and creating something so magnificent is an accomplishment in itself. I can't wait for these guys to become the next big thing, next to Periphery, Veil of Maya, and Born of Osiris.

    1. 1. I have no idea how old these guys are and that doesn't matter, you could be 10 years old or 80 years old and that wouldn't matter.
      2. I'm glad you enjoy the band that much to support these guys with a comment as rude as that. I hope they become the next big thing as well.

  2. It sounds like your review was partially to bash on djent. I for one love it, and greatly enjoy the sound Novallo has brought to us. It's innovative, creative, and something that needs to be listened to in the field of metal.

    1. I didn't mean for it to come off as me bashing on djent (I'm a fan of many djent groups), but I think even you have to admit that not everyone will be able to enjoy such rapid stop-start riff patterns like the ones found on here.

  3. it makes me sad to see everyone fight over this band on this page were as most of you have no idea what they have gone through. i watched this band grow from a few guys that wanted to make a few good songs and jam and get big or what 16 year old boys dream about. To a band of men who want nothing more then to make music they love and give back to the people they love and that have been there for them since day 1. I have watch this band progress so much it's hard to remember what they sounded like before the change. i love the EP probably the best thing out of Westerville since crab core. and i believe there CD which i have heard some songs from it will be easily the best CD from local music in awhile for its taste. thanks much love always. A surething