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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Night Hag - Confidence Man EP (2012)

Band: Night Hag
Country: Adelaide, Australia
Style: Blackened Crust
Label: Monolith

I first found out about Night Hag last year with their first full-length Gilded Age and was really impressed with their brand of black metal infused hardcore. It was visceral but not without substance. So, it goes without saying that once I heard about this album, of course I was interested.
This is just the rush of adrenaline needed to start the day off right. Being just under nine minutes in total, these four songs are straightforward and blistering. Compared to their last record, these songs are a bit more hardcore and punk based, though the riffing is still very much in the black metal vein. Even on the most black metal song on here, Junk Science, still retains that hardcore demeanor that just makes you want to go punch someone in the face. Frankly, I was a bit surprised that the band never really moved into grindcore territory on here with the amount of intensity they play with. For how direct these songs are they still manage to retain a clear distinction between hardcore punk and grind. I kind of wish that there was more on here though because just as soon as I start getting into it, it's over.
I really enjoyed this, it's short and quick (both in time and musically). Frankly it doesn't really fill any sort of hunger for a new full-length, but for what it is I think it's just great. Definitely check it out if you happen to enjoy black metal, hardcore, punk rock, or any fusion of the three, you won't be disappointed.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Junk Science, Number Rash

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