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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sorrows - Lethe EP (2011)

Band: Sorrows
Country: USA
Style: Black Metal
Label: Independent

Opening with an almost classical sound, this album defys the tag of simplistic black metal. Coming from a more melodic, but minimalistic, sounding black metal, it's actually the atmospherics on this EP that really grabbed me and made me listen. This is not another dime-a-dozen black metal projects with a really lo-fi sound or one that's trying to do the shoegaze thing, this project screams of originality.
In order to clairfy the above statement, the atmosphere on this EP does contain a classical sound, but it's far from sounding like a symphonic black metal band. The atmospherics feel much more developed than what's now mocked by many fans of the genre for it's unoriginality among bands. The two tracks on here have not only the usual atmosphere that lurks behind aggressive sounding guitars and vocals, but more prominent keyboard work, like the piano on Chalk.
Overall, I could see this project going places and am looking forward to a full-length soon. Seeing as their sound is already pretty developed, I'd love to see them do a bit more experimenting, but if it were just this, I'd be happy. If you like atmospheric black metal, that's a bit experimental, definitely check this thing out.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Lethe

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