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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dreams of Dying Stars - Interludium V: Buried In The Void

Slow Motion Walk In Time.

This is the most recent release Stijn has released in the Interludium series, and possibly the final one as well; this is also his second to be released under the DoDS name. Like the first one that came out under this name, this record contains synthe based soundscapes that seem to evoke meditative conditions. No guitars, bass, vocals, or percussion were used in the making of this record.
This record differs from the previous Interludium album released under this name because, believe it or not, this record has more then one note played an hour. Although the changes in notes is not all that frequent, they do change, at somewhat random times, but does make this record a bit more listenable. The intended purpose to make it more tolerable actually works, and still maintains the contemplative state that draws the listener in.
Another thing that makes this record differ from the previous ones is that it doesn't have that darkness that the others had in them. This record, which is probably the most textured of Interludium records, is also the bleakest sounding and most monotone in terms of sound. Nothing ever comes in or makes you feel uncomfortable like other records did. Additional texturing comes in around the 30 minute mark and but never really moves things into a different realm.
Overall, this is actually about the same if you liked some of the very monotonous Interludium records. If you were a fan of those, you'll probably dig this as well, nothing new though. This is hopefully the last record that Stijn will release in this series of atmospheric drone epics.
Overall Score: 1.5
Highlights: There Is Only One Song

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