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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dreams of Dying Stars - Interludium II: Aeon E

Droning Sounds Echo Forever.

This is the second release from the Interludium series that Stijn van Cauter has released. This is the first in the series to be placed under the Dreams of Dying Stars name, and it reflects the style of the band's older work. This is one song that is best to listen to in the dark, just a warning.
This album differs from the last album released in this series due not only to stylistic differences, but also due to the fact that this is much darker sounding. This is not some drone metal piece like the previous album's work, though that was more ambient soundscapes, this album is more focused in the droning ambient realm. The form of this album is a single ringing note that goes on and on throughout the cycle of an hour.
As the track progresses, it gradually becomes more and more trance inducing. As stated, this is best for listening to in the dark, this allows you to mearly take in the drones and enter a very meditative state. It can either be used this way, or for more contemplative reasons, being thought inducing.
The production of this track suits it well, being somewhat lo-fi, not that you can really tell all that much with what's going on. As there is only one note being played continually, you'll hear small blips and fuzz within the droning of the sound. Feedback also starts to come out once in a while, but never makes it to become a disturbance in any way to the trace.
Monotonous or minimalistic, both apply here. The performance, of sorts, can be looked at from both sides and both are correct. The entire structure is somewhat structureless and never changes into a different key or time signature, as such, is minimal at its least. Monotonous is all a point of view that a person can take whether they can endure the hour of noise.
Overall, this is a straightforward record that doesn't have a lot going on. Fans of drone music will find this to be a welcome addition to their collection. A lot of people can probably ignore this release and go for DoDS other work unless they're a die-hard-collector.
Overall Score: 1.5
Highlights: There's Only One Song

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