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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Decrepit Spectre - Coal Black Hearses EP

Remove Yourself From The Series.

Decrepit Spectre is a progressive black metal band from France. This band could be considered a super-group of sorts, having members of
, Seth, and Blutvial. This EP is just a small taste of what someone might expect from a coming full-length release.
For people that don't know about Decrepit Spectre, they are a band with a concept. The entire concept of the band was based upon Kvohst and Heimoth's love for the TV show, Six Feet Under. So the sound of this record is based on that and has a bit of a cinematic sound towards some of it's sections.
Guitar players Heimoth and Cyriex create wonderful technical groove riffs that still very much capture the spirit of black metal. But never really playing in one particular style, the guitars are rather playing to create atmospheres. The riffs never stay in one place for too long, shifting once you become comfortable in what you've listening to presently. Stylistically ranging from black metal to death metal to thrash and beyond, nothing is really off limits on this record.
Kvohst's vocals are, as usual, great sounding and original. Ranging from more traditional black metal screams to clean singing to deep chanting. This guy has a range that only Attila from Mayhem could match him. While most of the screams are right in front of the sound, the cleans are used with a lot of reverb, giving a large and open sound around the vocals. This effect gives his vocals an almost operatic vibe, like in Stranded Angels.
The bass is actually very clear in the mix of the EP. Still doing it's job providing the low end, the rumble is very clear and up front in the sound. This gives things a little different sound having the bass so, comfortably, placed within the guitars and drums.
Overall, this is a very promising EP. Definitely worth your time if your into black metal with an experimental side that moves into gothic and progressive territories. Fans of the members other bands will find this record as enticing as those are. Check this out.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Coal Black Hearses, Graverider

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