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Friday, June 28, 2013

Servile Sect - Glowing EP (2013)

Band: Servile Sect
Country: New York, New York/Humboldt, California
Style: Psychedelic/Raw Black Metal
Label: King of The Monsters

I think by this point, anyone who's heard of Servile Sect knows that they're a killer duo. With each release, the band seems to experiment and play with their sound even more, which usually results in some of the best black metal a year has released. So hearing that the band was releasing a new album, I definitely had to jump on it as soon as I could.
On first listen, I knew this was a good little release, but upon further listens, it's revealed itself to be even more of a freakish little bastard than I first thought. Opening up with Frenzy of Cubensis, the band show off some of their rawest and most abstract material to date. This short, little piece shows the band playing with what could, more or less, seem like their interpretation of Deathgrips. Making use of a simplistic and noisy industrial beat, the duo proceed to then wretch all over it with their distorted screams. The track ends and gives way to a more "traditional" Servile Sect piece, Evoke, which brings a minimalistic black metal riff into the picture over a skippy beat. While I don't have a problem with hip-hop or rap music, it is certainly a bit odd to see a band like Servile Sect embrace what appears to be influences from those genres, but it would be weird to see any black metal band embrace those influences. Closer, Blasting Beyond Vortex, takes the band out of realms of familiarity and takes them into, as my good friend Jon said in his review, the realms of Paysage d'Hiver and Vinterriket territory. Where a distorted guitar turns into droning noise and feedback and vocals roar into the abyss, these groups reign supreme and Servile Sect does an excellent job at adapting to that landscape and making it their own.
So if you are one of the few people out there who isn't yet familiar with the work of Servile Sect, you definitely need to correct that and check this release out. While it isn't as mind-bending as TRVTH proved to be, it's still miles beyond what most bands are attempting to do. As a fan of experimental and weirder forms of black metal, I can assure you that these guys are a real treat/diamond in the rough if you will and you do not want to miss what they are doing.
Overall Score: 7.5
Highlights: Evoke

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