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Friday, June 14, 2013

Seirom - Sparkle Night EP (2013)

Band: Seirom
Country: Drachten, Netherlands
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal/Shoegaze
Label: Sulphurous Productions

Mories is a very talented man in my humble opinion. I think that his various projects, from Gnaw Their Tongues to Aderlating to De Magia Veterum to Cloak of Altering, the man knows how to write unique music that can disturb and disorient any listener. Seirom has showcased a different end of his sonic palette and with each new release I get another surprise.
Where other projects have, more or less, expressed Mories' disdain, hatred, and disgust with the human race and all things alive and breathing, I read in an interview that his work with Seirom was to show off more of his lighter side. You can't have all darkness, all day, everyday, and Seirom does show more of a hopeful side to the man in question. Of the various releases he's put out under the project thus far, I have actually found myself in a state of hit-or-miss with them, and always surprised by what he does next. The Seiromistkrieg EP definitely showed a more post-black metal side to the man, and it was one of my favorite EPs to be released that year. It was something I didn't anticipate hearing from Mories but he was able to show that there was still some ideas left in the post-rock inspired black metal world. Then there was the Forest EP, which was definitely more of an ambient-noise release, still good, but not quite as satisfying. Then came last year's full-length, 1973, which showed a wider breadth of sonic experimentation from the project. From witch-house like electronic pieces to dreamy ambient ones, post-black metal aggression as well as shoegazing melancholy. That was the first I was more meh on. This EP definitely returns to that whole post-black metal sound that I first fell in love with the project for. While the title-track definitely takes the whole post-black metal style and just runs with it, Only Miss You When It Snows takes a slower, almost ballad-esque thanks to the piano used in it, approach which certainly made it stand out to me. Both tracks on here take that sound and just run with it. Despite both being around the ten minute mark, the time just passes by.
So yeah, great little cassette EP that is definitely a return to form for the project, at least in my opinion. This is dreamy, melancholic, beautiful, and noisy all at the same time and I love it. If you're a fan of post-black metal or any of Mories' other projects, definitely do yourself a favor and check this tape out!
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: Sparkle Night

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