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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wreck and Reference - No Content EP (2013)

Band: Wreck and Reference
Country: Davis, California
Style: Blackened Drone/Noise Rock
Label: Flenser

The duo that is Wreck and Reference have really blown up since releasing the small, self-released Black Cassette back in 2011. They've gotten rave reviews, been covered and interviewed in mainstream (or at the very least major indie) sites and magazines. Though this new EP isn't much to think about (only two tracks) at least it's new material; and in my book, that is always a good thing.
I'm not sure what I expected from only two tracks, but I can safely say that the duo definitely surprised me. Opener Absurdities & Echoes is a ritualistic slab of drone metal that definitely hammers on some interesting low-end bass (not in the typical way though). It's incredibly monastic in it's approach to distortion and sample sounds. The drumming is steady and well paced while the chosen sample sounds create a definite mood that was not present on any of the band's past recordings. Even the bellowed vocals work, and they're really the sort of delivery that I could grow impatient with if they were used too often; but on here they fit the slow and paced mood of the song. Abhorrence is a much shorter piece, clocking in at under three minutes, and channeling some of the band's most intense influences. I read a review that mentioned Altar of Plagues, and though I highly doubt the duo that is Wreck and Reference was able to hear Teethed Glory and Injury while they were writing this track, it does carry some weight. There is a definite post-black metal kind of a vibe going on in this track, but it also contains some of the dissonance that was heard on that aforementioned record. It's definitely one of the most intense and visceral tracks the band has ever written.
Even though this is incredibly short, I think it's a nice little stop-gap for the duo. After the stylistic variation and evolution the band went through on last year's No Youth, it's only natural that they would want to put out something that's just a bit more visceral and reactionary. Maybe it's not essential, but it's definitely worth hearing if you're a fan.
Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Abhorrence

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  1. I've listened to this EP some weeks ago and was very impressed by the originality of the sound and compositions.
    In fact, i'm really impressed by the majority of the releases on The Flenser rec.