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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aderlating - Gospel of The Burning Idols (2013)

Band: Aderlating
Country: Drachten, Netherlands
Style: Death Industrial/Dark Ambient
Label: Black Plagve

Mories is a musician whose work ethic I enjoy immensely. He has various project that all exhibit a side of his sound that the other don't from Gnaw Their Tongues to Seirom, among others, but Aderlating is perhaps the most abstract of all of them. Unlike some of his other projects I am not as "up to date" with the work of Aderlating, though I am a fan, and was not expecting a new album when it arrived in the mail one day.
Aderlating has always been the project that I think is the hardest to relate to for what I assume is the usual fanbase for Mories' stuff. It doesn't contain the typical black metal elements that are present in Gnaw Their Tongues, never mind his purely black metal projects, and instead focuses on pure droning ambient. I don't think anyone could ever call any of his releases easy to digest, but from my experiences, Aderlating is perhaps the least palatable of all of his projects. It's very cold and industrial sounding, with little to no references to metal at all. Even at it's most accessible, 2011's Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone, it was still relatively unsympathetic towards listeners. It was a long and cold journey into desolation and it was quite an uncomfortable, though certainly not unenjoyable, listen through. With this new album, the project takes on a slightly less "accessible" (and I do use that word lightly) turn, if that's how one could deem it.
This is a continuation to the more ambient tones explored on some more recent records from the project though not quite as easy to swallow, if you will. It isn't as drenched in feedback and various harsh tones as much as it just sits reserved in the corner, like some child in a horror movie that the devil or a demon of some sort is about to speak through. I've seen it described as "ritual ambient" in several places, which works, I guess, but it isn't quite as meditative as that is. Where that's more like someone connecting with nature through soundscapes this is more like someone trying to communicate with a force beyond this world through masochism or sadism, though to be fair the song titles on here are relatively more tame than they used to be. This is the sort of release that I find somewhat hard to put into words because no matter how I compare it to something else (not necessarily another artist because in this genre, my knowledge of such artists is rather limited), something will always get lost in translation. But it should be known that despite how undigestible this album is, it actually isn't that hard to listen through. None of these tracks is particularly long and none of them go out of their way to be overly abrasive, which may or may not be to your liking and what you expect. Perhaps, at it's most "accessible", once again using the word lightly, a track like Spewed On By Slaves of Inhumanity might catch your ear due to a fleeting similarity to Mories' project Seirom. It's a quick burst of a bright atmosphere that changes tone almost as soon as your ear gravitates towards it, but it may as well be a gateway into this album.
Yes this is rather short, but like I said this is somewhat hard to really describe, but hopefully this got the message across. While this isn't my favorite release from this project, it's certainly not a bad album by any standard. If you're a fan of this style of music I definitely recommend checking it out, but if more dark ambient-ish sort of stuff isn't your cup of tea, maybe listen to a track or two first before committing to hate it as much as it hates you.
Overall Score: 7.5
Highlights: The Burial Gown Reeks of Semen, Gospel of The Burning Idols

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