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Sunday, January 1, 2012

DCOI Turns 2! Here's To Another Year!

I, first of all, just wanted to thank any person who has stopped by this blog for at any point during the last year. The fact that some of you consider what I have to say to have any impact on whether or not you check something out means the absolute world to me. It's thanks to you that I've probably kept this up for this long. Secondly, I should just say that this year I don't plan on posting as frequently, I'll still be putting out a lot of reviews weekly, but listening to as many albums as I can, along with school, job, and trying to manage a personal life, and trying to post two reviews a day is incredibly stressful so don't expect me to post quite as many reviews this year as last year. Like last year though, I will still review albums that came out in 2010 in the first two months of this year (three months at the very most), so they'll be some mixes early on. Here's to another great year! Ian

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