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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Corelia - Nostalgia EP (2011)

Band: Corelia
Country: San Diego, California
Style: Tech/Progressive Metal
Label: Independent

Surprisingly enough, I've been awaiting this EP for a while, as I'm sure many other have as well. I've been awaiting, really, anything from these guys since I first heard their demos at least a year or so ago. I know this has been delayed and postponed for several months, but I'm glad to finally have the release.
Though their lumped in with the whole djent scene, to me anyway, these guys have a lot more in common with modern progressive metal. You'll find relatively little connection to the palm-muted Meshuggah connotation that the tag has become associated with on here, instead, the band hearken back towards elements of groups like Sikth, but more melodic. Each song on here clearly has it's place, from more straightforward verse-chorus-verse... songs to more progressive songs that explore more variety with their structures. The instrumental play is technical and progressive, but it's important to say that it walks the balance between having technical riffs but still being melodic and memorable, hear Aviation. Which brings me to my next point, the vocals, which are, for the most part, sung cleanly. It's important for me, and this especially applies for a band that's classified as "djent," that a band's vocalist sound original, and I can safely say that Ryan Devlin more than gets the job done on here. His clean vocals recall elements of both modern "emo" style singing, but also hints towards bits of Geddy Lee.
A great start for this young group that points only up from where I'm standing. Though I've heard several of these songs before on their own, I'd just glad to have them all together. I await more material as this is very promising and should definitely appeal to prog-fans everywhere.
Overall Score: 8
Highlights: The Sound of Glaciers Moving, Blood Petals

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